Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Solutions

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is not a new concept in the B2B marketing landscape. But as Marketing, Sales and Account-Management teams seek better alignment and more hyper-personalised strategies to win target accounts, interest in ABM has grown considerably.

It is easy to understand why. According to a recent SiriusDecisions report, 89% of organizations surveyed said ABM-targeted accounts achieved a higher ROI, 86% said ABM improves win rates, and 91% say deal size is larger.

Account-Based Marketing is an approach which treats each account as a market in its own right. As such, each target account will have a bespoke strategy and tactical activity plan to drive engagement from and convert that account into an active client, often over multiple years.

Social Selling can play a central or supporting role in this process for several key reasons. Firstly, social media platforms, in particular LinkedIn, provide an unprecedented and unparalleled level of data and insight about key accounts – who their buying committee is, what are their respective roles in the purchase, what content are they engaging with, who are they engaging with and how.

Armed with that insight, selling teams can construct highly-bespoke multi-channel strategies to engage individuals over time, in particular via social media), and ensure their organisations remain in strong competitive positions through the procurement process.


WATCH: Social Selling for Account Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing has become a critical tool in engaging and converting prospects to drive account penetration and revenue. In this recent video, Intersocial Managing Director Tom Skotidas discusses how Social Selling techniques can support Account-Based Marketing programs and covers the key planning considerations.

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