We enable B2B marketers and sales leaders to build brand, grow demand, and generate qualified leads using Social Selling.


Asia Pacific's Leading Social Selling Consultancy

We are Asia Pacific's leading Social Selling consultancy, enabling B2B marketers and sales leaders to build brand, grow demand, and
generate qualified leads.

As a leader in the Social Selling field, Intersocial has pioneered social media strategies and tactics that unlock new levels of business for our clients.

We work with Marketing and Sales leaders throughout Asia Pacific and globally, providing training, consulting, and managed services. This approach ensures both a specialised and end-to-end focus for our clients.

We also operate across many sectors, including Software, Technology, Financial Services, and Professional Services.


Why Social Selling?

In the landscape of tools and tactics employed by contemporary sales, marketing and account management teams, Social Selling is unique.

Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, provide unprecedented access to deep, rich and self-cleansing database of engaged potential B2B prospects. They also provide complete visibility into the complex relationships within these networks, at a scale never seen before.

These factors provide modern sales, marketing and account management teams with a complete tool set to identify and engage buying audiences in a personalised way, grow demand for their products and services, and grow relationships.

For B2B Marketers, Social Selling marries multiple benefits: total sales-marketing alignment, enhanced content marketing and brand building, personalised multi-channel experiences that are customer-centric, and the ability to deliver qualified sales leads - with full attribution.

For Sales and Account Management professionals, Social Selling builds personal brands, grows relationships, generates leads, and accelerates sales velocity.


Our Solutions

Social Selling Training

Course: Introduction to Social Selling

A comprehensive, interactive and practical social selling training solution to empower next-level performance from your sales, marketing and account management teams.

Course: Social Selling for SQL

Tailored, practical training solutions focussed on Social Selling best practice for SQL generation.

Course: Social Selling for Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Social Selling training for account managers and account based marketing teams to support your specific organisational objectives.

Social Selling Services

Intelligence and insight on competitor social media competencies and deficiencies to inform your organisations Social Selling strategy.

Profile Page Optimisation

Align your social media profiles to best practice and activate them as passive, ‘always on’ lead generation tools.

Thought Leadership: Curation & Packaging

A range of specific services to help individuals and teams efficiently curate and disseminate relevant and engaging thought leadership content to build personal brands.

SQL Orchestra

Unlock the power of your selling teams and modern social platforms with bespoke programmes to generate higher levels of sales qualified leads.

MQL to SQL Conversion

Optimise your MQL-SQL conversion rate by leveraging Social Selling techniques and defined scripts and sequencing for a better multi-channel experience.

Buying Committee Mapping

Gain a precise picture of the optimum path to engage with and convert your prospect organisations with comprehensive mapping and research services.

Prospect Monitoring & Engagement

Keep up to date with developments on your key prospects and engage them with personalised engagement plans.

Influencer & Advocate Marketing

Identifying and activating online B2B influencers and brand advocates to support delivering your messaging with impact at scale.

Viral Campaign Design

Leverage powerful Social Selling insights to help your marketing content achieve its viral potential and accelerate ROI.


Asia Pacific's leading Social Selling consultancy

Trusted by B2B leaders

Intersocial have consulted to hundreds of leading B2B brands across the technology, software and financial services sectors for over 15 years and pioneered the use of social selling strategies in the Asia Pacific region.

B2B Social Selling Specialists

Unlike general B2B marketing agencies, our social selling specialisation, understanding of B2B social media usage and grasp of the complexities of contemporary sales and procurement processes means we have a better appreciation of how to maximise performance to drive sales pipeline

Unmatched industry expertise

We have a unique understanding of the structures, dynamics and specific requirements of enterprise sales, marketing and account management teams in the hyper-competitive technology, software and financial services sectors.


Tom Skotidas, Managing Director

Tom has been supporting B2B sales, marketing and account management leaders since 2004. He has worked extensively with leading B2B brands including Oracle, SaS, Telstra, ANZ Bank, CA and numerous others.

He founded Intersocial in 2015 to pioneer the usage of Social Selling solutions for demand generation and personal brand development in the Asia Pacific region. Previously, Tom headed business development for a small digital agency, helping build it from $500,000 to $7m in client billings within four years, 50% of which was derived through Social Selling channels.

Tom has also appeared regularly at numerous conferences including Mumbrella, Bloomberg, CeBIT, iStrategy, Sky News and others across the Asia Pacific region.


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