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In modern B2B sales and marketing operations there is often a sizable pool of new or non-responsive leads which need to be followed up, engaged and progressed through the sales funnel by inside sales teams.

However, for many reasons – from a lack of prospect interest or qualification, to time constraints and poor data quality - inside sales teams often encounter difficulties successfully contacting and engaging these contacts. In addition, there is often no defined process for engagement or consistency in execution and teams typically limit themselves to only one or two contact channels such as email and phone.

We have designed our MQL-SQL Conversion solution to help Inside Sales and other functions convert higher numbers of new or non-responsive leads. Using an innovative, multi-channel approach combined with carefully crafted engagement scripts and sequences, our clients benefit from higher overall conversion rates, a greater number of scheduled meetings, more predictable SQL flows and better revenue results.


Precision Engagement For Optimal Conversion Rates Faster

We consult with B2B marketing, inside sales and sales leaders to deliver standardised, multi-channel engagement sequences and prospect engagement scripts. This combination helps deliver faster and higher levels of contact and engagement success which help optimise marketing and sales performance. We offer our clients:

Standardised Multi-Channel Engagement Sequences

We develop precise engagement sequences for inside sales representatives to follow based on a prospects specific behaviour. Our sequences employ a much broader mix of channels which reflects prospects’ actual channel usage, including phone calls, voicemails, SMS, Whatsapp, email, Twitter and LinkedIn InMail, connection requests and introduction requests.

High-Performance Engagement Scripts

We craft channel-specific scripts which inside sales representatives can use consistently and adapt to provide the best chance of engaging or re-engaging with new leads or non-responders. We also provide access to a dynamic library of proven scripts and phrases which your organisation can customise to meet ongoing requirements.

Maximise Your MQL-SQL Conversion Rate

Using robust prospect engagement sequences and scripts consistently, you can manage your teams performance more effectively to maintain ‘always optimised’ conversion rates, greater SQL volume, deliver faster disqualification, accelerate pipelines and improve overall inside sales and marketing performance and ROI.


B2B Multi-Channel Lead Generation Experts

Multi-Channel B2B Lead Generation Specialists

As Social Selling specialists, we deliver unique insights into how true multi-channel engagement techniques can deliver scalable performance increases.

Trusted By B2B Leaders For Over 15 Years

Intersocial have consulted to high-performance sales, inside sales and marketing teams within leading B2B brands across the technology, software and financial services sectors for over 15 years.

B2B Finance & Technology Sales Specialists

Unlike generic marketing agencies, our understanding of contemporary sales and procurement processes means we have a better appreciation of how to maximise program performance.


Our Process

1. Briefing & Audit

Intersocial will meet with Marketing and Sales teams to understand current processes, goals and targets, target audience profiles and behaviours.

2. Planning Phase

We develop and deliver comprehensive prospect engagement sequences and scripts able to deployed quickly into your teams for rapid results.

3. Implementation

We conduct comprehensive workshops with your teams to train them on how to adapt the sequences and scripts so they remain embedded, potent and always optimised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intersocial work with Inside Sales or Direct Sales teams within organisations to optimise the rate of conversion between MQL and SQL through a multi-channel methodology to improve contact rate for new enquirers and successful y re-engaging non-responders.

No. We provide a separate workshop which provides our view of best practice for phone conversations, but do not believe in the use of scripting conversations. We do however provide scripts for voicemail and InMail.

No. We are not a lead generation business but a consultancy focussed on optimising your practices to enable improved performance levels.

Our pricing starts at $10,000 ex GST and scales with the scope of the requirement.


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