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Attract & Convert More Business With Precision-Optimised LinkedIn Profiles

In modern sales and marketing, all assets need to work harder to successfully cut-through, support positioning and engage. This is particularly true of professional social media profiles.

It is rare, however, for LinkedIn and other social media profiles to be optimised to the level of precision required in today’s hyper-competitive sales and marketing environment. This is often due to time constraints, a lack of platform knowledge and an understanding of what drives engagement in a social media context.

Our profile page optimisation solution is designed for B2B organisations wanting to gain maximum benefit from their social selling programs. We ensure all profiles are designed to precisely reflect the desired organisational and personal brand messaging and positioning and target audience, transforming them into powerful ‘always on’ lead generation tools to drive new connections, engagements, meetings and revenue.


Optimising Profiles For Always-On Lead Generation

Intersocial work with sales, marketing, inside sales and account management professionals to optimise seller profiles and enable maximum performance.

Brand & Positioning Alignment

We meet with nominated program participants to understand their objectives from their personal profile. These objectives may relate to personal branding and positioning, supporting organisational branding, lead generation, network development or a combination of each.

Profile Review & Recommendations

We conduct a comprehensive review of each profile, encompassing key aspects such as photography, descriptions, headlines, featured sections, licences, certifications, education, skills and more. We align profiles to the professionals’ stated goals, positioning and objectives.

Optimising Profiles For Conversion

We leverage our extensive B2B lead generation and sales experience to ensure profiles serve to attract connection requests, align with desired positioning, improve connection rates, increase inbound views and improve InMail response rates.


B2B Social Selling Experts

B2B Social Selling Specialists

As Asia Pacific’s leading Social Selling consultancy, we deliver unique insight into how to generate next-level results from professional social media profiles.

Trusted by B2B Leaders

Intersocial and its founder has consulted to high-performance sales, inside sales, account management and marketing teams within leading B2B brands across the technology, software and financial services sectors for over 15 years.

B2B Finance And Technology Sales And Marketing Specialists

Unlike generic marketing agencies, our industry experience and understanding of contemporary sales and procurement processes means we have a better appreciation of how to maximise results from Social Selling disciplines.


Aligning Personal Goals, Profiles And Best Practice For Optimal Results

1. Briefings

Intersocial will conduct a thorough briefing process to understand goals and objectives of your Social Selling strategy. We will also conduct interview with each program participant, to understand the personal branding and positioning objectives each profile needs to align with.

2. Detailed Profile Reviews

We conduct in-depth reviews across key aspects each social media profile. This includes key aspects such as profile photography, profile descriptions, headlines and positioning statements, featured sections, licences and certifications, education, skills and numerous other aspects.

3. Profile Recommendations

We make specific recommendations on each of the key aspects of each profile. These are fully optimised against the individual and organisations goals and objectives and personal profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

During our engagement we take a snapshot of their current profile and gain a sample of their ideal profile. We outline a list of variables we review and define what will be done to optimise each profile. We then work through the defined tasks lists to ensure all areas for optimisation have been addressed and produce a ‘before and after’ comparison.

Yes. Clients can select specific profiles to be included within the scope of the service.

Intersocial deliver a comprehensive worksheet outlining all changes required to be made to optimise each profile. Changes are then made by a resource internal to your organisation or by the profile owners themselves. We seek a one-to-one meeting with the profile owner to enable them to make these changes directly to their profiles.

Our pricing for this service starts at $1,500 + GST and scales with the number of profiles.


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