SQL Orchestra


Social Selling for Sales-Qualified Leads

B2B organisations are attracted to Social Selling because of LinkedIn's information-rich database of high-quality prospects and the unique opportunity to engage these prospects in a 1-1 manner.

Most organisations, however, struggle to deliver successful Social Selling programs. The key reason is they lack the necessary ingredients for success, including core skills, Sales & Marketing alignment, proven program assets, and end-to-end project management.

We designed the SQL Orchestra to help B2B marketers and sales leaders target their ideal prospects and generate middle-funnel sales leads, using a proven project approach.


Coaching & Orchestration

SQL Orchestra is both a Social Selling coaching & orchestration program. When you work with Intersocial, you can expect that the program will not only enable your sales team to generate middle-funnel leads, but also teach them how to execute best-of-breed Social Selling on their own, going forward. Here's how we do it:

Prospect List Development

We leverage LinkedIn’s powerful targeting features to develop targeted lists of your ideal prospects. These lists are based on a number of variables including the prospect’s job title / job function, target region, and company name (or industry).

Profile Development

Intersocial will develop new LinkedIn profiles for all program participants in line with best-practice Social Selling. This includes working with Marketing to identify and advise on content requirements and align brand and product messaging.

Lead Generation Scripts

Leveraging your existing product materials, we will design proposition-specific lead generation scripts to use that successfully qualify and engage your prospects and generate high-quality meetings for your professional selling teams.

SQL Orchestration

Working with your teams, we run lead generation ‘blitzes’ that leverage the new prospect lists, LinkedIn profiles, and scripts to produce sales-qualified leads. These sessions have a strong coaching element to embed Social Selling processes and skills.

Results Attribution

We provide you with ongoing, clear reporting on the performance of the program and your individuals Sellers. Through our collaboration, we can ensure that the program’s results are clearly attributed, included number of leads, revenue pipeline, and estimated / actual ROI.


We Are Social Selling Leaders

B2B Social Selling Specialists

We are Asia Pacific’s leading Social Selling consultancy, having delivered innovative solutions for Sales, Marketing, Account Management, and Executive teams for over 10 years.

Trusted by B2B Leaders

Intersocial and its founder have consulted to hundreds of leading B2B brands, from mid-sized organisations through to large multinational enterprises, in technology, software, and financial services.

SQL Specialists

Leveral the SQL Orchestra, Intersocial has generated hundreds of sales-qualified leads for our clients, resulting in millions of dollars in revenue pipeline.


End-To-End Project Management

1. Precision Briefing

Intersocial meet with clients to understand the product, target audience, path to purchase, and to identify Sellers within the organisation to participate in the program.

2. Program Management

We are reliable (and relentless) project managers, ensuring your organisation maintains its focus on the processes, performance metrics, and milestones to deliver optimal results.

3. Sales & Marketing Alignment

Our program expertise and management fully aligns your Sales and Marketing teams around common goals and processes, maximising brand build and lead generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our base program includes up to 10 sellers and we would recommend a minimum of 5 sellers.

SQL Orchestra is focussed on the generation of middle of funnel qualified sales opportunities, however we often see a proportion of these progress to bottom of funnel quickly.

Yes. We negotiate a benchmark lead generation volume with each client and put 50% of our fee at risk on achieving that volume.

Our pricing starts from $15,000 + GST inclusive of up to 10 sellers. Thereafter there is a fee of $750 + GST for each additional seller included in the program.


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