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Enabling Higher Performing Thought Leadership Programs

Thought Leadership programs are now common features in B2B marketing programs, helping to elevate organisational and personal brand positioning and drive engagement with target audiences and accounts.

In many organisations however, the performance of these programs is limited by the lack of support from sales, executives and other internal teams. This is often due to a lack of time/resource, familiarity with social platforms, or expertise in developing and distributing insights in ways which will drive maximum engagement on social media. Employee Advocacy platforms have helped alleviate some of the challenges, however with Marketing often unable to develop content en masse, it is often duplicated and can appear robotic.

We developed our Thought Leadership Curation and Insights Solution to help B2B organisations overcome the internal constraints and distribute thought leadership content which is high-quality, unique, personalised and authentic to drive engagement, meetings, pipeline and revenue.


Achieve Above-Benchmark Engagement Through Personalised Insights

Intersocial leverages extensive social selling, lead generation and industry knowledge to curate relevant content, develop unique insights and package those insights for distribution by your teams. This unique approach generates higher engagement levels, better leverages employees’ social networks, and drives thought leader program reach and ROI. This is our offer:

Content Curation

Intersocial curate high-quality first and third-party content from a wide variety of sources which aligns with our client brief and their target audiences’ content interests. These sources may include but are not limited to posts, comments, white papers, video content, media and news coverage, and technical articles.

Insight Development

We review the curated content and develop unique editorial insights against that content based on our industry understanding. Each insight reflects the desired brand and positioning of the employee and the organisation and is designed to stimulate engagement.

Content Packaging

We leverage our expertise and experience to craft precise, highly-engaging short-form content which is ideal for LinkedIn. We package this content in posts for each participating employee which ensures they are easy to deliver, invite comments and drive re-sharing for optimal distribution and engagement.


Industry Experience & Social Selling Expertise For Insights Which Engage

Industry Experience

With over 15 years’ experience specialising in Social Selling in technology, software and financial services, we have a deeper understanding of what content and formats deliver higher levels of engagement.

Social Selling Specialists

We are Social Selling specialists with specific expertise in developing short-form content and packaging it for maximum client engagement.

Trusted By B2B Leaders

Intersocial and its founder have consulted to hundreds of Sales, Marketing, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account management and Executive teams within leading B2B brands across the technology, software and financial services sectors for over 15 years.


Our Process

1. Briefing

Intersocial meet with participating individuals to understand their desired personal branding and positioning goals. We seek to understand the type of content they wish to promote, the key messaging and the target audiences to which those messages align.

2. Insight Development

We leverage our industry understanding and consulting expertise to develop relevant insights, and work with your teams to refine them for full alignment with branding and positioning objectives.

3. Execution & Support

We package up all social media posts against each participating individual and support them with delivery to ensure control and consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of people which can be included is determined by the number of content pieces to be curated and the number of short-form insights to be generated per content piece. We typically work with a relatively small number of participants (such as Executives, C-Suite, Marketing and Sales leadership).

No. This services relates specifically to content curation, however we do produce short-form content under the service for program participants to share.

We curate from our clients and high-quality third-party content producers. Our clients have full editorial oversight and approval control over all content.

Our pricing for this service starts at $7,500 + GST.


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