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Intersocial deliver a wide range of online courses and on-site training in Social Selling for Marketing, Sales and Account Management professionals and their teams, helping them gain a competitive selling edge.

Intersocial have been providing Social Selling training for leading B2B brands for over 15 years. We are a pioneering agency which has developed a reputation for excellence in designing and delivering effective training programs for high-performance B2B selling teams. We offer organisations a number of flexible options, both for in-house training for individuals and teams through to 100% live and online training courses delivered via fully-interactive videoconference.

Profile Page Optimisation

Fully-optimise personal LinkedIn profiles to build personal brand, establish market positioning and improve the conversion rate of outbound lead generation.

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Social Selling Masterclass

Transform your selling teams into effective and confident social sellers with our industry-leading, insight-rich Social Selling Masterclass.

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B2B Content Marketing

Train your teams to use proven B2B Content Marketing strategies with best practice Social Selling strategies and tactics to deliver next level results.

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Prospect List Building

Empower your selling teams with the knowledge of how to expertly-develop hyper-targeted B2B prospect lists on LinkedIn using proven tools and strategies.

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Why invest in Social Selling training?

LinkedIn has become a key business tool with a high level of adoption amongst selling and marketing professionals. However, relatively few organisations invest in Social Selling Training often because of resource commitment, budget or the assumption that sellers have enough knowledge of how to use it. This often results in teams and individuals operating on LinkedIn without any consistency or to a coherent process.

To unlock the full opportunity of Social Selling, marketing and sales leaders need to use LinkedIn consistently across the organisation, adopting best practice processes, techniques, tools and strategies. This requires an investment in training.

What benefits does Social Selling training deliver?

  • Consistent processes  – Ensuring selling teams work to consistent processes minimises lost opportunities and allows for more effective management
  • Discover new tools and techniques  – Generate more business by using LinkedIn to its fullest potential using innovative, cutting-edge techniques
  • Immediacy of impact  – Unlike other initiatives, the right form of practical Social Selling training can be put into effect immediately for rapid impact.
  • Effective strategy  – Social Selling has proven effectiveness whilst other channels are struggling to cut through. By training your teams, you can add Social Selling as an effective new business channel, lowering CPAs, improving lead conversion cycles, improving content distribution and engagement and generating leads.
  • Gain a Social Selling edge – With other providers unable or perhaps unwilling to invest in training, your organisation can benefit from a winning edge when it comes to engaging accounts and prospects.

Practical, skills-based training

Intersocial’s Social Selling training focus is on ensuring all trainees emerge from training with a solid understanding of how to use tools and techniques effectively.

As a result, our  training is highly practical and ‘hands on’ rather than theoretical. In all cases we intentionally limit class sizes to ensure personal focus. We also recognise that keeping sellers engaged in the training is critical to embedding processes and behaviours. That’s why our training is highly interactive and at times entertaining so as to impart maximum training benefit.

Finally, our trainers (which include industry authority and Managing Director Tom Skotidas) understand modern sales processes and expectations completely. This is what sets Intersocial apart.



Trusted by B2B leaders

Intersocial have delivered training to hundreds of leading B2B brands across the technology, software, SaaS and financial services sectors for over 15 years and have earned a reputation for training excellence.

B2B Social Selling Specialists

Unlike general B2B marketing agencies, we specialise in B2B social selling. Our understanding of B2B social media usage and grasp of the complexities of contemporary sales and procurement processes means we are best suited to deliver pin-point training solutions which help maximise performance.

Flexible training options

We understand the challenges of delivering training to time-poor and information-weary individuals and teams. That’s why we offer a range of flexible training options, able to be customised to each client’s requirements and levels.


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