Profile Page Optimisation


Optimise your LinkedIn profile to maximise social selling results

Optimise your selling teams' professional LinkedIn profiles to build personal brands, establish positioning and improve conversion rates on outbound lead generation.

Training Overview

Social Selling: Profile Page Optimisation is a practical, interactive, and insight-rich training solution designed for B2B Sales & Marketing professionals who are looking to gain a unique selling edge through Social Selling on LinkedIn.

The purpose of this course is to enable you to use LinkedIn competently to achieve the following key outcomes:

1. Build Your Personal Brand
2. Establish your market positioning as a Thought Leader
3. Increase the conversion rate of your outbound lead generation

Training Details

This training comprises the following:

Building a powerful personal LinkedIn profile

  • Optimise Your Settings for Maximum Functionality & Privacy
  • Choose the Right LinkedIn Profile Picture
  • Write a Headline that Captures Buyer Interest
  • Write an About Section that Engages Your Target Audience
  • Develop a Featured Section that Establishes Your Thought Leadership
  • Present Educational & Project Credentials  that Inspire Respect
  • Optimise Your Profile to Maximise Inbound Search Traffic
  • Benchmark Your Profiles Against Competitors Using our Competitor Benchmarking Analysis

Who Should Attend?

  • New Business Hunters – All sales professionals seeking to identify new prospects, generate leads, and grow pipeline, including Business Development Managers and Inside Sales professionals.
  • Sales Farmers – All account managers and directors managing portfolios of clients to drive cross and up sell opportunities, improve retention, and increase lifetime value.
  • Sales Leaders – Chief Revenue Officers, Heads of Sales, Chief Commercial Officers, and other revenue-focused B2B leads with accountability for leading and developing teams of sales professionals and delivering revenue results.
  • Marketing Leaders –  Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Marketing, and other Marketing leaders seeking to build true multi-channel engagement programs and innovative ways to enable selling teams to reach prospects and clients.


  • Duration: ~2 hours
  • Delivery Mode: Live
  • Start Time: As scheduled
  • Finish Time: As scheduled
  • Breaks: None
  • Catering: No
  • Prerequisites: Own a LinkedIn account (free version or Sales Navigator)
  • Course Materials Needed: None
  • Technology Required: Laptop or Tablet

Your Trainer

Tom Skotidas, Managing Director of Intersocial. Tom has specialised in Social Selling since 2008. During this time, he has designed, consulted on, and implemented Social Selling programs for hundreds of the world’s leading B2B brands.

Tom Skotidas



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